Finding Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

Chris Petersen Vancouver BC Canada

The employment landscape has changed immensely in the last decade; so much so that jobs you once dreamed of having may no longer exist. The opposite is also true in that there are many jobs now that didn’t exist 10 years, or even 5 years ago. Some of the newest job titles include Big Data Architect, Cloud Service Specialist and Mobile Marketing Specialist. Thomas Frey, a Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute, was quoted saying, “60% of the best jobs in the next 10 years have not been invented yet.” So, how are you supposed to know which job is right for you if you don’t even know that job exists?

My recommendation is a workplace tour. This allows you to see first-hand how a company functions and gives you a better understanding of the working world and the jobs available. This is particularly helpful if it’s a company you plan on eventually working for because you can truly feel the company culture and determine if it’s the right fit for you. The other benefit is you may learn about jobs that you didn’t know existed. On a recent workplace tour of Telus, I met someone whose entire job was to tweak TV channel bundles by researching, compiling and pricing them to maximize user subscriptions. This is just one example, but you never know what unique jobs are out there that could be perfect for you.

How do you get into these companies, you might ask? Well, one option is to attend their open house, but I find private tours much more beneficial. A private tour gives you a more in-depth experience and makes you really stand out as a curious and driven individual. While it may sound obvious, the only way to get a private tour is to ask. This is easier if you know someone that works at the company, but it’s not impossible if you don’t. Reach out to friends and see if they know an employee, or reach out and connect with an employee over LinkedIn. I find companies are very receptive to students, so it’s important to fully explain that you are a curious student who would like to learn more about their company and industry. Many people will understand your situation because they were once student in the same spot and would have done anything for the same opportunity.

So, flex your network, find a company and go explore. You never know what you might find.